[b]Bringing together children from Israel and Lebanon
to be held in Cava De Tirreni – Italy


(dettagli in italiano in fondo)

The Foundation “Beresheet LaShalom” from the Upper Galilee organize a new Pilot Project. On the first year – 2007, we would like to organize a multicultural meeting of great significance.

The plan is to bring in Italy in July 2007 children from the North of Israel, (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Circassians and Druses) along with children from Sderot and Z.A.D.A.L. . We propose that the children’s ages will be around 13-15 years.
The project will be sponsored by Private and Public Institutions of Cava De Tirreni.
For the first two days we will organize the following activities: games for enhancing understanding and knowledge, meetings through music, dance, theater and art, short trips around the vicinity where they will be staying ( an ancient convent that became a hostel).When the group reaches a state of harmony we will organize visits to any place that can bring the children get to know one other and to share their experiences. We'll do our best to share the cultures of all the participants through culinary evenings, performances, music and meetings with local children. We also require adult educators and young guides from every represented nationality.

During each year conference a professional movie regarding the unique plan will be performed and distributed worldwide, in any possible channel, including via large companies like IBM, Microsoft, Alcatel, HSBC and many more networks and via the EC channels, via a EC public conference, held by the EC secretary and top executives.

Financial Needs
The Peace organizations along with the Common and the Rotary Club of Cava De Tirreni are willing to yearly support as follows:
1. All accommodations for 18 youngsters, 3 young guides and 2 adults sleeping and meals.
2. Transportation.
3. Entrees to parks.
4. Activities and ceremonies.

Total 20,000 euro
We need:
1. Airfare tickets………………………………………………………………9.600 euro
2. Preparation of the group before the trip in a hostel in Israel for three days to give the youngsters time to meet and create good relationships…………………..………………………………………….3800 euro

Background about the “Beresheet LaShalom” Foundation
“Beresheet LaShalom” Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in order to teach tolerance and mutual respect through arts, theatre, workshops and personal encounters. “Beresheet LaShalom” teaches compassionate listening, critical thinking and personal goal setting. Our objectives are:
• The development of a leadership that will advance peace by means of the arts and education for humane values.
• The intensification of joint activities by residents of Galilee from different cultures, religions and customs.
• The enhancement of every individual’s identity through an intensive study of the roots and history of each people.
• Help and support victims of terror.

Current projects
• The Arcobaleno: Rainbow Theatre and the Theatre of the Truths: The members of the Community Theaters Groups are children from varied Galilee communities; such as towns, villages, kibbutzim and moshavim; they are Arabs and Jews, Druze and Circassians, religious and secular. Their performances are a dance of hope for freedom. In a difficult period of the history of the world there is the will to create a positive message, capable of inspiring hope and fulfilling the dreams of those who knew war, but now aspire to attain peace.
• Summer Youngsters activities: The Members of the foundation are specialized in the creation of activities for children and their families who have been wounded by terrorist attacks: camps, trips, encounters of teaching and listening in an atmosphere of love and joy.The summer camps for the children have elevated the children's spirits, have given them and their families the desire to continue to live: "Their dedication and good spirits made this an unforgettable event for our daughter, and the friendship and good spirits our daughter bought back from this camp raised the spirits of our family and gave us the energy we need to carry on with a good future in mind." Levin's Family
• Radio program: Broadcasting from Galilee, Jerusalem and Ramallah.
• Workshops: Workshop participants get experience in dialogue and conflict resolution. They address issues of identity, stereotypes, equality in a democratic society, as well as cultural similarities and differences. Role playing, monologues, dance–theater, social games and improvisation, are among the numerous tools used to facilitate a journey into the very soul of each and every participant to this project.
“Beresheet LaShalom” was founded by Dr. Angelica Edna Calo Livne, the coordinator of all educational activities. She was born in Rome, Italy, she was one of the leaders of the youth

Zionist Movement Hashomer Hatzair and she studied in the Rabbinic College of Rome. She has a B.A. degree in Social Theater, M. Ed. in Integrating the Arts in Education and a PhD in Italian Literature. She has several awards for her activities for peace and was candidate to Saharov Prize by the Euro Parliament and Nobel Prize for Peace 2005. She has written two books in Italian about her rich pedagogical experience.
Yehuda Calo Livne is the administrator and the logistic manager of “Beresheet Lashalom”. He was born in Kibbutz Sasa. He served in the Israeli military service in a special unit. He teaches Communication and Technology and he has 25 years of experience in formal and non formal education. He specialized in pedagogical work with special needs students. Educational director of the youth Movement Hashomer Hatzair in Israel for many years he led several pedagogical and political projects for peace. Yehuda and Edna live in Kibbutz Sasa on the Lebanese border and have four boys.
Rami A. Rodan from Kibbutz Misgav – Am in the Upper Galilee, Israel, has 25 years of experience in the Film & Television industry. He studied at the London International Film School, worked in Israel, the Israeli Broadcast Authority- Channel 1- the London branch, was employed by the I.B.A. as Director and Cameraman, producing hundreds of news items and short documentaries, worked for the Israeli Educational Television, produced and directed
numerous documentaries, news magazines, Sports Programs, Music and Art Films for – Channel 1, Channel 2 and Local Cable Television. At present he is working for the Tel Hai Communication Center from its foundation as Head of Production Department and Resident Director/Cameraman. Rami is the Head of Studies for Film and Television Faculty at the Kinnereth Academic College and the producer and director of ten movies and theatre and stage performances.
We are looking forward to start this unique project based on donations.

Yours sincerely

Yehuda Calo Livne – President of Beresheet LaShalom Foundation
Dr. Angelica Edna Calo Livne Beresheet LaShalom Educative Director

עמותה רשומה 58-015-488-8
ת.ד 797 קריית שמונה 11016 טל. 04-6900600 פקס. 04-6950740 cspc@telhai.ac.il www.icspc.org[/link]
Registred Foundation 58-042-5767-7 phone 04-6988694 beresheet@ksasa.co.il www.masksoff.org[/link]

Beresheet LaShalom è un'istituzione no-profit fondata per insegnare e promuovere la tolleranza ed il rispetto attraverso arte, teatro, musica, laboratori e momenti di incontro. Il fine della fondazione è quello educare alla pace ed ai più profondi valori umani tramite il significato dell'arte, di intensificare la condivisione di interessi tra i residenti in Galilea anche se appartenenti a culture differenti, e di affermare l'identità personale di ognuno con un percorso di studio delle proprie origini.

Attualmente Beresheet LaShalom ha in corso di svolgimento i seguenti progetti:

– Arcobaleno, il progetto che coinvolge i bambini impegnati nei gruppi teatrali delle diverse comunità di Galilea, kibbutzim, villaggi, moshavim, paesi, che siano ebrei, arabi, circassi o drusi, religiosi o laici, in una serie di performances di danza che celebrano la speranza, con l'intento di trasmettere un messaggio positivo che possa mutare i pensieri di chi conosce solo la guerra nell'aspirazione al raggiungimento della pace.

– Attività estive per i giovani, una serie di attività che coinvolge i bambini e le famiglie colpiti dal terrorismo: viaggi, campi estivi, incontri e lezioni realizzati in un'atmosfera di pace e di serenità, per offrire anche a chi è stato colpito direttamente dalla violenza la possibilità di poter desiderare ancora di continuare a vivere.

– Programmi radio trasmessi dalla Galilea, da Rammallah e da Gerusalemme

– Laboratori, che rappresentano un momento di incontro per i partecipanti i quali, mettendo in comune i loro ideali rafforzati dalle differenze culturali, attraverso attività comunicative come giochi di ruolo, monologhi, danza e improvvisazioni, possono intraprendere un viaggio introspettivo e cercare nel dialogo la risoluzione ad ogni conflitto.

Beresheet LaShalom è stata fondata dalla Dr. Angelica Calo Livne, nata a Roma, che coordina le attività educative dell'organizzazione.

Il progetto multiculturale illustrato in questo articoloè stato pensato dalla Fondazione Beresheet LaShalom con l'intento di portare in Italia i bambini israeliani e libanesi, insieme, a Cava de' Tirreni, per dare vita ad un incontro multiculturale di grande significato. Il progetto, previsto per il mese di Luglio, ha riunito i bambini delle regioni settentrionali di Israele, ebrei, musulmani, circassi e drusi, affiancati dai bambini di Sderot, la cittadina che da oltre sette anni è costretta a vivere sotto gli incessanti attacchi di Gaza, e dai libanesi che nel 2000 si rifugiarono in Israele per sopravvivere. Sponsorizzato dalle istituzioni pubbliche e private di Cava de' Tirreni, l'iniziativa ha offerto ai bambini, alloggiati in un antico convento e in un ostello, la possibilit di partecipare a giochi, spettacoli, performances di danza, musica, teatro, e brevi viaggi nei dintorni, consentendo loro di conoscersi e di scambiarsi pensieri, opinioni, cultura, sogni ed esperienze.


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